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  ReJenks Capital Campaign

Help Rebuild the Winchester Jenks Center –
Be a Part of the ReJenks Capital Campaign as a Business Donor!

To date, many local businesses have contributed to the ReJenks Campaign in support of the Jenks Center's renovation. This project will have a great impact on the Center's benefits to our community. We hope you will join us, and other business leaders, in supporting these efforts.

We are pleased to offer a special opportunity to all of our business donors making gifts by September 1. Donors that have made gifts by this date will be recognized at a town-wide BBQ & Concert on September 11 to celebrate the incredible progress made to date. The BBQ is sure to be a well-attended, fun-filled, evening for our community - and we would welcome the chance to thank you at this event!

Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated, and all of our participating businesses will be thanked in a large newspaper advertisement recognizing their support for the Jenks Center reconstruction. Donors of $2,000 and up will be recognized on a permanent plaque displayed in the Jenks Center. We hope all our community businesses will show their support to this vital town treasure. And thanks to the generous Cummings Foundation offer to match gifts, please know that your donation will be doubly powerful!

Benefits from donating include:

Donation Categories
Patron Friend Sponsor Benefactor
$100 $500 $1000 $2000 - $4999 $5000 - $9999 ≥ $10000
Newspaper, Website and Social Media Publicity
Business name/logo displayed and acknowledged at town-wide BBQ on September 11*
Business name on large banner displayed at BBQ and on town railroad bridge*
Business name on permanent plaque at the Jenks. Spotlight in Jenks newsletter
* For donations made prior to September 1

To become a business donor, please send a check as follows:

Please make your check payable to:
         WSA Trust
and include “Business Donation” in the memo line.

Click on the following image to display & print the Business Donation Form. Please fill in the requested information and submit it with your check.

Mail your check to:
         WSA Trust
         109 Skillings Road
         Winchester, MA 01890

from the ReJenks Campaign!

The Cummings Foundation will match the next $400,000 raised dollar for dollar. The ReJenks Campaign is profoundly grateful to the Cummings Foundation for its incredible generosity and commitment to the effort to rebuild the Jenks Center. The Foundation's incredible generosity will make every donation DOUBLY powerful and help us reach our $2.5 million goal more quickly!

For more information about the Cummings Foundation matching grants,
click on Cummings Foundation or the Cummings Foundation logo.

NOTE: The ReJenks Campaign is separate and distinct from the WSA Annual Appeal, which raises funds to support programs and activities offered by the Winchester Seniors Association. To donate to the Annual Appeal, see the SENIORS ASSOCIATION page.