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What to do if you fail your thesis defense

The defense of a student's diploma is the most important occasion in their lives. After several years of effort, it represents the culmination of the university education process. Life presents us with a variety of challenges, and it is not always feasible to take the last step. There are numerous ways out of this issue if the graduate was unable to defend his diploma.

In order to avoid these scenarios, it is preferable to create your thesis with the assistance of professionals from, who will assist you in writing a superior paper and provide guidance on its defense .

Did not defend a diploma: possible reasons

Passing a diploma seems like a simple act that is harder not to do than to do. Problems with passing arise primarily for those who do not take the time to prepare. The security issue occurs in the following situations:

  • the diploma for defense was not submitted in time;

  • absence of the student;

  • lack of admission (the teacher wrote a negative review);

  • failed defense.

All causes sometimes occur, each has its own characteristics. Let's look at all the cases when a graduate is faced with a problem.

Successful delivery depends not only on the quality of work, the following things should be done:

  • correct execution of the accompanying note;

  • well-written speech;

  • interesting and informative presentation;

  • nice appearance and good behavior.

Experience suggests that the commission pays attention to many details. Poor speech, disrespectful behavior, and other such things can lead to a certificate instead of a diploma. The possibility of delivery will reopen only next year, a new theme will be issued.

Resubmission of the thesis or transfer of defense

Good preparation is the basis for getting a good grade. Everyone can face the need to retake, this will complicate the task of obtaining a diploma, it is better not to get into such situations. Timely correction of errors, full disclosure of the topic will allow you to get a good review from the teacher. The student will have to make a beautiful design of the presentation and avoid problems with turnout. Transferring the change is possible, but it will not be the best solution. It is necessary to make an effort to pass the diploma with your group, this is the easiest way. If this fails, there are options for surrender within three years, even if there was an expulsion.


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