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ReJenks Campaign Shares Donor Stories

This is the third in a series of articles profiling some of the major donors who have made reconstruction of the Jenks Building possible.

Jane Macdonald

Launching a successful capital campaign while simultaneously conducting a major building renovation is a HUGE undertaking enlisting the time and talents of dozens of people!! Everyone’s role is important but there is one role that often goes unseen yet the entire project would halt without it – The Treasurer! The ReJenks Campaign has been blessed to have Jane Macdonald overseeing all the incoming donations as well coordinating the payment of dozens of contractors. This translates into hundreds of hours of volunteer work (if not more). What is most impressive about this is the fact that Jane does this all behind the scenes.

Not many people are keen to volunteer for a job that takes hundreds of hours behinds the scenes. We were curious to know a little bit more about what has drawn Jane to service at the Jenks Center. When asked, she laughs and will tell you “It goes way back to my high school friendship with Dick and Jane Norberg. Back in the 70’s we all belonged to the Jay Cees which was a wonderful community service organization and Dick Norberg inspired a lot of us to get involved and care about the building of the Jenks Center.” Jane continued her involvement with the Jenks by serving as a board member of the WSA Trust since 1997 – a role which she continues today. Jane has been involved on and off with the Jenks for over 40 years!

Additionally, Jane got the know the Jenks on a more personal level in 2000 when her mother, Barbara Hess, began to volunteer at the Jenks at the front desk. “My mom loved coming to the Jenks! She enjoyed volunteering her time there, serving her community and she also loved Janie Norberg’s quilting classes.”

Jane Macdonald is the first to tell you what a positive impact the Jenks Center has made in her life as well as all who are involved from the volunteers to the attendees. “It enriches our lives as well as the entire Winchester community.” She goes on to say what an honor and pleasure it is to serve. Those who work closely with Jane find her dedication behind the scenes inspiring! It is truly the dedication and heart for service of people like Jane Macdonald who have built the Jenks Center and made it the thriving hub of activity that it is today. Also, it is thanks to people like Jane that this precious resource will live on for generations to come.

Help Rebuild the Winchester Jenks Center
Be a Part of the ReJenks Capital Campaign!

ReJenks Campaign has Raised Over 75% of its $2.5 million Goal!

With an outpouring of support from Winchester residents and businesses, along with major contributions from the Mount Vernon House and Cummings Foundation, the ReJenks Campaign has raised $1.8 million – over 75% of its $2.5 million goal – just one year after its official kick-off.

In making their gift that enabled the Jenks’ construction, Winchester residents James and Evelyn Jenks recognized the importance of caring for older adults. Their goal was to create a center that allowed older adults to remain active and engaged in their community and that offered opportunities for different generations to connect and interact.

Join us in in ensuring that James and Evelyn Jenks’ vision and legacy – the help and comfort that activities and services housed at the Jenks have brought to countless older residents – will be carried on for decades to come. Help us reach our goal!

You can make donations via PayPal, Credit Card or Debit Card, or by check, as described in the table below:

To Donate by PayPal, Credit Card or Debit Card: To Donate by Check:
Please click the Donate button and follow the instructions.

Please make checks payable to: “WSA Trust
and include “Capital Project” in the memo line.

Mail your check to:
         WSA Trust
         109 Skillings Road
         Winchester, MA 01890

NOTE: The ReJenks Campaign is separate and distinct from the WSA Annual Appeal, which raises funds to support programs and activities offered by the Winchester Seniors Association. To donate to the Annual Appeal, see the Winchester Seniors Association page.

To learn more about the status of the renovations, please click here.

The Elevator Lobby ready for action.
Did You Know …

  • Our town has the only privately built and operated non-profit senior facility in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts! The Jenks Center has been providing seniors with assistance and services for over 35 years – with little expense to the Town of Winchester! This is truly unique. Most Massachusetts towns have passed costly overrides to build and operate similar facilities.

  • The Jenks Center provides permanent office space for the Town’s Council on Aging – further benefiting Winchester tax-payers and making the Jenks Center the central location for senior services in the town.

  • An average of 200 programs and services are offered each month at the Jenks… most are subsidized to make them affordable for all. These are critical services that support the physical, financial, intellectual and emotional well being of our older generation.

  • The Jenks serves as a true community center for the town of Winchester, welcoming organizations such as pre-school groups for Halloween parties, high school teams for sports banquets, Home & Garden Club meetings, lectures, temporary precinct voting and more. In fact, the Jenks Center closes down to offer space for the town’s beloved Enka Fair each year.

Why Re-Build?

Using the computers in the refurbished Computer Room.
The Jenks Center is badly in need of repair. The building does not meet current State or Federal accessibility requirements and has major infrastructure problems that have been patched over repeatedly for more than 30 years. Space throughout the building must be reconfigured to be useful to an aging population and to serve more effectively as a community center for the town of Winchester.

The New Jenks will be an inviting meeting place that complies with state and federal regulations with an expanded reception area, a coffee nook for relaxing, and plenty of space for senior and community-wide programs alike.

Why Donate?

A community is judged by how well it cares for its’ citizens. By this measure, Winchester is truly unique. Our children attend some of the best schools in the state and our families are supported by dozens of local clubs and organizations. Our senior citizens deserve the same level of care and support.

The Jenks Center is all about keeping Winchester’s older population active, engaged and connected. The Jenks is about meeting, sharing, and companionship. The Jenks is about enabling seniors to put their abilities and experience to use through volunteerism and community service. The Jenks is truly a symbol of what is unique about Winchester.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Jenks Center Renovation

“Will the center be closed during the renovation?”
The renovation will be done in phases, so the entire center will not close, but portions will be unavailable on a rolling schedule.

Will all activities continue during the renovation?”

Participating in a dance class in the refurbished Cummings Room.

Plans are in place to continue all activities throughout the renovation, although some activities will be moved as areas are closed. Most of the relocations will be within the center, a few may choose to use other nearby buildings (town hall, the library). The Eating Together program, coffee, trips ,access to the nurse and social worker, computers and heat, light and other services will not be affected.

“What is the schedule for renovations?”
The First Phase of the Project which involved the installation of the new elevator, the addition of a new Cafe lounge area and an adjacent ADA bathroom, the relocation of the Library to the first floor, and new offices for the COA Nurse and Social Worker was completed last Fall.

The Second Phase of the Project which involves the creation of a larger Lobby, automatic slider entrance doors, a new office area and new offices for the Directors of the WSA and COA began this Winter and is scheduled for completion in April of this year.

The Final Phase of the Project which involves the renovation of the Jenks Room, Jenks Kitchen and main floor bathrooms, and the creation of a new meeting and dining area will begin in April of this year and is expected to be completed during the summer.

“How will I be kept informed during this renovation? Is there a communication plan? Will the newsletter still be distributed?”
There is a communications plan. The newsletter will continue to be distributed and will provide information of the status of the renovation and reminders about accommodations that will be needed at various times. Your activity leader and the receptionist will know the near term schedule, and updates will be posted to the bulletin board opposite the reception desk. In addition, new questions and answers will be published as they arise.

“What is the status of the library and the books, and what will it be in the future?”

Enjoying a good book in the renovated library.

The Library, which retained and reused all of the original shelving, is now located on the lower floor of the Cummings Room building. It continues to feature all books with archival significance and all large print books, and new books continue to be collected as they were in its previous location.

“What is happening to the furniture?”
Furniture that can be used after the renovation will be stored.

“Is material that can’t be used being thrown out?”
Material that will not be used after the renovation is being donated to other local non-profit organizations.

“How will the potentially hazardous materials that may circulate in the air be handled? Should we worry about asbestos?”
As part of the normal procedures applied in the renovation of older buidlings such as the Jenks Center, all contruction areas were tested to identify and properly dispose of any hazardous materials. In any circumstances where exposure of visitors to the Center was or may be an issue, the building was and would be closed during installation or removal periods. There are no hazardous materials present on-site to the best of our knowledge.

“Will the renovation impact the parking lot? What about the handicap parking spots?”
The construction will have minimal impact on the parking area.

“What if the capital campaign doesn’t raise the amount of money they need? Will the renovation be completed no matter what?”
The renovation will be completed as planned. While the Capital Campaign continues to raise funds toward its goal of $2.5 million to provide for furnishings, additional building refinements and a strengthening of its maintenance endowment, sufficient funds are in hand to assure the project's completion.

“Who can I go to with new questions?”
Please send an e-mail to