Sheffield Chamber Players

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Jenks Center
109 Skillings Road
Winchester, MA 01890
Phone: (781) 721-7136
Hours: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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Sheffield Chamber Players

We welcome this dynamic ensemble to The Jenks with their "Stars of the Eastern Sky" program. With string quartets by Beethoven and Shostakovich, this vibrant program of chamber music will offer something for everyone.

Sheffield Chamber will profoundly change the way you respond to music. Sitting just a few feet away from the musicians, you will hear the expressive subtleties with unprecedented clarity. The Sheffield Chamber Players enhance this experience by giving an extended introduction to each piece, discussing the composer’s background, the story behind the music and important themes and ideas of the work.

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NOTE: Reservations required. Reception to follow. Suggested donation is $20, but anything, or none at all, is acceptable.

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You can register/donate $20.00 via PayPal, Credit Card or Debit Card, or by check, as described in the table below. Alternatively, you can register through Nancy Polcari, Program Manager by email, or by calling her at the Jenks Center at 781-721-7136.

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