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The Jenks Committees

Wonderful place to connect with others, volunteer, and participate in activities."

Suzanne N.

Jenks Center fall

Building and Grounds Committee

The Building and Grounds Committee develops and implements procedures and policies for maintaining the Jenks Center building and grounds in optimal condition for the safety and comfort of patrons. The Committee includes representatives of the Winchester Seniors Association Trust and the Winchester Seniors Association, Inc., and the Jenks Director. 


Jenks Center summer

The Collaborative

The Jenks Center embarked upon strategic planning in 2018 involving interviews with key stakeholders, visits and assessments of other senior centers, and discussions among the task-force members. The group developed a strategic plan outlining a mission, vision, and concrete recommendations to action, including the formation of a Collaborative Committee. This team, consisting of leaders from all three Boards, the Jenks Director, and a patron advocate, works together to maximize outcomes for Winchester’s older adults, fostering communication and partnership. 



Computer Technology

The Computer Technology Committee oversees the IT equipment and systems within the Jenks, including the computers/printers used by staff, volunteers, and patrons. This group assists with the sound and projector equipment needed for presentations.  Several members provide weekly support for the iPhone, iPad, and Computer Questions drop-in session.


Adult Students

Education Committee

The Education Committee develops programs to encourage and support life-long learning for the Jenks community.  This team locates speakers, scholars, and presenters, coordinates schedules and markets the events. Topics have included art, history, music, health, literature, and more.   



Events Planning Committee

The Events Planning Committee develops activities for the entertainment and enjoyment of the Jenks community, providing opportunities to socialize, meet  people, and experience something new. Events include a meal around a specific special day (like St. Patrick’s Day Dinner) or a fun activity (like musical bingo). 



Film Committee

The Film Committee meets periodically to select the monthly movies for the Jenks community.  Differing views and preferences result in a wonderful assortment often with a common theme for that month.  The fall includes a "film festival" of movies offered daily with some double features, challenging the committee to identify a large medley.



Finance Committee

The Finance Committee supervises the finances of the WSA and recommends financial operating policies to the Board of Directors. The team also creates and monitors the financial development plan comprising support for operations, campaigns for special needs, cultivation of endowment, and submission of  grant proposals.


Microphone Closeup

Jenks Learning Connection

The Jenks Learning Connection Committee meets periodically to locate, identify, and interview potential instructors for the classes offered in spring and fall.  Each session includes a variety of topics including history, culture, art, health, exercise, drama, music, games, and more.  Five to eight subjects with corresponding instructors comprise the roster each season.  The Committee continues their support through each session by assisting with attendance, payment, and surveys.


bus driver

Transportation Committee

The Transportation Committee meets monthly to review and enhance transportation policy and procedures. 



Travel Committee

The Travel Committee plans, schedules, and organizes travel for the Jenks community ranging from day trips to local happenings or overnight excursions to out-of-state sites or overseas expeditions to far-away countries.  Members enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience as well as investigating new opportunities.   


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