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Jenks Center Strategic Plan

The Mission of the Jenks Center is to promote healthy aging, independence, engagement, and the well-being of Winchester’s older adults and the community that supports them.

The Vision of the Jenks Center is that Winchester becomes the most age-friendly community in Massachusetts where:

•    Aging is viewed and valued as an asset;
•    Every resident has the resources to live a meaningful life in their chosen community;
•    People of all ages have access to health, transportation, community services, and social supports with no disparity;
•    People proactively plan for a productive life of many years.

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To implement the mission, vision, and five strategic pillars successfully requires significant collaboration

Strategic Planning Committee, January 2019

Five Strategic Pillars


Enhance Core Competencies

- Strengthen services that ensure the physical and emotional well-being of seniors

- Remove barriers causing isolation through better transportation, technology, and community programs

- Facilitate civic engagement

- Develop, sustain, and optimize programs and activities to meet diverse seniors’ needs and interests

Improve Economic Security

- Promote employment of Winchester’s older workers

- Advocate for affordable senior housing

- Offer programs that will help seniors increase savings and leverage assets

- Assist with accessing entitlements and benefits


Develop Age-Friendly Communities

- Support, develop, and promote models and services to enable aging in place

- Advocate for an enhanced menu of housing options

Develop Intergenerational Focus

- Leverage Jenks “after-hours” availability to promote the expansion of programs and activities that appeal to multiple generations

Embrace Diversity

- Recognize evolving differences in Winchester’s senior community 

- Tailor services and programs to meet varying needs

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