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1.  How much do the programs and services cost?

Many of our services, activities, and programs are offered free. Those involving meals, transportation, and/or an instructor usually have a fee. And the cost for travel trips covers meals, transportation, taxes, and admission fees.

2.  Is there a membership fee? 


No.  And you don’t have to be a member to attend functions, activities or events at the Jenks.  However, we request registration with the Center to receive a parking permit.  Membership and parking are free.

3.  Do you have to be 55+ to attend an event or participate in a class?  

No. The Jenks is open to all, welcoming intergenerational audiences. However, our primary hours at the Jenks are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.  We schedule weekend and evening programs to offer opportunities for everyone to attend and enjoy.

4. What are your offerings for working seniors?

With expanded evening hours and some weekend programming, we are able to broaden our support to this community that is not retired.

5.  Is there parking at the Jenks?

The Jenks has 26 dedicated parking spaces, available on a first-come, first-served basis.  During the weekday, to park in one of these spaces, a parking pass is required and needs to be displayed on the dashboard. To obtain this pass, we request registration with the Center. Parking on Skillings Road (free) and in the adjacent town lot (free for 3 hours) are two other options. 

6.  How do you register for classes and programs?

You can call the Jenks Center or see our front desk receptionist to sign up for classes or events. For some events, registration and payment are also available through our website.

7.  Is there an attendance limitation for activities and programs?

Some events have space limitations. We maintain a waitlist once a program reaches the maximum limit.


8.  How does the Jenks fund its programs?

The Jenks relies on several sources of funding: program revenue, donations, the Town of Winchester funding and grants,  The WSA , through annual private donations provides activities, programming, trips and maintains the facility. Some programs, activities, or services require a fee to attend or participate.  

9.  Can you rent space at the Jenks for an event?

The Jenks has rooms available for rent to non-profit organizations.  We also include tables, chairs, podiums, microphones, white board, sound system and projectors.  Three rooms also offer easy access to a catering kitchen to facilitate refreshments and meals.

10.  How do you volunteer at the Jenks?

The Jenks has over 250 volunteers who support the activities, services, and programs with their time and talents.  Opportunities include receptionist, drivers for transporting patrons to appointments, coordinating the travel trips, helping with the newsletter, and more.  In addition, the Board Members of the three governing organizations (the WSA, COA and WSA Trust) are all volunteers. To indicate your interest in volunteering, contact the Director.  We would love to hear from you.

11.  How is the Jenks governed?

The management of the Jenks Center consists of three boards:   Council on Aging, Winchester Seniors Association Inc, and Winchester Seniors Association Trust. The COA is the town funded agency that provides social and health services, tax programs, and other supportive measures. The WSA provides the activities/programs/trips and maintains the facility. The WSAT owns the building and grounds. A Collaborative Committee consisting of representatives from all three boards, serves to coordinate issues that impact all three groups.

12.  Do you have to live in Winchester to go to the Jenks?

No.  The Jenks Center has over 5,000 patrons and serves Winchester residents as well as those in surrounding communities and beyond.

13.  In addition to donating to the annual appeal, how can I help?  


Volunteer--there are many opportunities from travel, to education, to greeting and more.  The Jenks community foundation is based on the connections people make through program engagement and volunteering.  Join us.

14. How can I find out more about what's happening at the Jenks?  


There are a number of channels available to stay abreast of activities and events at the Jenks. In addition to our monthly newsletter mailings, we submit events and activities to the local newspapers, place flyers around town businesses, list our happenings in the Town Calendar (on-line) and email blasts that highlight our monthly events.  Join the mailing list, or stop by the Jenks Center. Visit the web site often to check out the calendar.  Or follow us on Facebook.

One of the finest senior centers you'll ever come across. Great Library, good food and lots of programs."

Michael S.

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