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One of the finest senior centers you'll ever come across. Great library, good food and lots of programs."

Michael S.


Jenks Center Sponsors

The Jenks Center relies on many forms of support throughout the year that includes sponsorships, donations and volunteers. These generous contributions play a vital role in sustaining the many educational, social support and recreational programs offered by the Jenks. Our success as a community asset would not be possible without the following supporters. 


Grant Providers

A Ten-Year Cummings Foundation Grant

The Winchester Seniors Association (WSA) is delighted to announce that we were one of only forty organizations awarded a ten-year grant from the Cummings Foundation.  The grant allows the WSA to continue offering evening and weekend programs, which is especially important for our working seniors. 

We ask all patrons to:

  • Thank the Cummings Foundation for their generous support!

  • Log in to see what’s happening on Tuesday evening at the Jenks.

  • Invite your friends to join you.

  • Let us know if there are speakers or topics that you would like to hear about.

  • And spread the word to organizations that could benefit from use of the Jenks Center.


Please send any suggestions to:  Maria Rutnam, WSA Program Director -



Shuttle Sponsors

  • Town of Winchester                                         

  • En Ka Society

  • Winchester Cooperative Bank  

  • Winchester Council on Aging

  • Winchester Hospital                                       

  • Winchester Mount Vernon House   

  • Winchester Rotary   

  • Winchester Seniors Association                     

  • Winchester School of Chinese Culture         

A Special Thanks


  • Massachusetts Cultural Council for Sponsoring Five Speaker Presentation Programs for 2023 - 2024.​


  • Ducks in a Row for sponsoring the Irish Dancers for 2024 St. Patrick's Day Celebration Dinner at the Jenks.​


  • The Winchester Cooperative Bank for sponsoring our 2023 Festival of Life Celebration.

  • The Winchester Cultural Council for sponsoring two 2023 Concerts.


  • The Winchester School of Chinese Culture for co-sponsoring the 2023 Trip to Shen Yun Concert.

  • WinCam for recording and live broadcasting our Jenks Events.

  • Winchester Mount Vernon House for awarding a grant to the WSA for Saturday Activities.

EnKa Society
Mount Vernan House
Mass Cultural Council
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