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The Jenks Center Story

The Jenks Center opened its doors on April 2, 1978, after many years of steadfast planning and fundraising throughout the community. Mr. and Mrs. James Jenks, Jr. provided a significant contribution that made the Center a reality. Since its opening, there have been two additional renovations making the Center a gold standard among senior centers.

The Winchester Seniors Association Trust owns the building and shepherds' capital funding for improvements. The Winchester Seniors Association manages the building and provides cutting-edge programming and events at the Center. Also housed at the Center is the Town’s Council on Aging, which provides programs and direct services such as transportation, nurse and social worker. Founded primarily as a volunteer-based organization, the Jenks still appreciates the thousands of hours provided by over 250 volunteers every year.

The Jenks Center has been an enormous detail in my life for many, many years," Richard Norberg, the first chairman of the Council on Aging,  said, while sitting behind a table in the Jenks library. "It’s a place where people gather ... and get things done for the community."

Richard Norberg and James Jenks, Jr., at the 1978 Jenks Center ground-breaking ceremony.


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