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The Trust

The Winchester Seniors Association Trust (the Trust) is a not-for-profit volunteer organization that has owned and maintained the Jenks Center building since its original construction in 1976. The Trust operates the Jenks Center exclusively to support the Winchester Seniors Association (WSA) and the Town’s Council on Aging (COA) in meeting their integrated mission of providing older working and retired adults a range of social, educational, recreational, and health care services. 
Over the years, members of the Trust have overseen multiple building expansions and renovations made possible through major capital campaigns to secure necessary private funding. The Trust's responsibilities include identifying and executing contracts with various vendors and suppliers and providing day-to-day management during construction. In 2014, the Trust launched the “ReJenks Campaign” which raised more than $2.5 million in private donations and services to fund the most recent renovations completed in 2017. Featuring full handicap access, these renovations have made the Jenks an even more welcoming environment and will ensure that it will be a place of caring and community for decades to come. 

One of the finest senior centers you'll ever come across. Great library, good food, and lots of programs."

Michael S.



Mary Ellen Rourke-Falvey


Elizabeth Brodbine Ghoniem

David Carlson


Eric Harstad

Patrick Hall

Richard Norberg

Robert Russo

Ronald Milauskas

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