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Parking and Directions

The Jenks has 26 free dedicated parking spaces, available on a first-come, first-served basis.  During the weekday, to park in one of these spaces, a parking pass is required and needs to be displayed on the dashboard. To obtain this pass, we request registration with the Center.


Parking on Skillings Road (free) and in the adjacent town lot (free for 3 hours) are two other options. 

Coming South on Rte. 128/Rte. 95:
Take Exit 36, which is Washington Street, go down the ramp to the stop lights. Turn right and continue to the next set of lights. Turn right to get on Washington Street. Follow Washington Street. Pass through 7 lights on the way to Winchester Center. (The fourth light is Montvale Avenue with a Wendy’s on the corner). The 7th light is Winchester Center. Come to the light in the right lane and take a sharp right before the light. Your first left takes you into the town parking lot. The Jenks Center sits at the far corner of the parking lot.


Coming North on Rte. 128:
Take Exit 33 to Winchester to get on Route 3. Proceed 4 miles to Church Street. (Second light after Mahoney’s Rocky Ledge.)Take a left and proceed to the rotary at Winchester Center. Take the second exit (Mount Vernon Street). Enter the parking lot just before the traffic light. The Jenks Center is at the corner of the parking lot.


Coming North 93:
Take Exit 33 (Winchester, Fellsway West). Come up the ramp and turn left around the rotary, going over Route 93. Take a sharp right to South Border Road, at Winchester sign. Follow this road to the second set of lights. Take the second right to Skillings Road and take your first left to the town parking lot. The Jenks Center is at the corner of the parking lot.


Coming South on 93:
Take Exit 33 off Route 93, marked Winchester, Fellsway West. At the top of the ramp, take a sharp right onto South Border Road. (See sign for Winchester.) Follow above directions from South Border Road.

From Arlington/Belmont From Route 2, exit onto Route 60N. Proceed to Arlington Center and follow sings to Winchester. Take right onto Church Street and proceed as stated above at North on 128. In Winchester the Jenks Center is located at the intersection of Route 38 and Mount Vernon Street.

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