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When the Winchester Schools are closed due to weather or town-wide emergencies, the Jenks Center is also closed. Check your TV stations for weather-related school closings.

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Judy Katz, Administrator of WSA, Catherine Jackson, Executive Director of Winchester Mount Vernon House and Dr. Richard Pharo, President of WSA, celebrate the installation of the new sound system in the Pond Room.

The familiar words, "Testing, one, two, three" echoed through the Pond Room recently, confirming the successful installation of a state-of-the-art sound system at the Jenks. Thanks to the generosity of the Winchester Mount Vernon House (WMVH) the experience of Jenks audiences will be greatly enhanced.

With technical help from several sources, a new sound system was designed. In response to Jenks' request for support from the community to provide funding to cover the costs, WMVH decided to lend its assistance. Catherine Jackson, Executive Director of the WMVH, said, "Some of our guests had spoken to us about the problems they experienced hearing when they went to the Jenks Center for various activities. So, we were aware that the Jenks had a problem. When they came to us for assistance, it was our pleasure to be able to provide the financial help to complete resolving the matter."

The actual installation was the coordinated efforts of carpenters, electricians, P.A. specialists, and dedicated volunteer workers. Jenks appreciates the contribution of some of the WinCam staff who lent their expertise toward this effort. Jerry Ross, a volunteer who works to keep the computers at the Center working properly, was a key member of the team that installed the sound system. As he turned on the master switch for the final testing of the new system, Jerry remarked, "This was a fascinating challenge of trying to keep the old system working while the new system was being installed in parallel with it. At one point it looked like we had a cable store here, with wires from old and new systems crossing over each other. It was very satisfying to make the final cut-over and have everything work."

"We are so grateful to the WMVH for making it possible for the Jenks Center to have this new system." stated Judy Katz, WSA Administrator. "This so clearly demonstrates how that organization cares about seniors even beyond their well-known facility."

The Jenks Center sees this completed project as an occasion for a "sound" celebration.